Is Porsche the King of Sustainability

Thanks to great comment posted by a London graphic designer, Ben Terret, there is reason to call the sports car maker Porsche The King of Sustainability.

Why? 60% of all Porsche’s ever made are still on the road today. Now think about that.

What if 60% of all computers made were still in use and not in junkyards in China? What if 60% of all plastic water bottles we carry around made were still in use and not in dumps? Coffee cups? You get the picture.

Read Ben’s blog item for a powerful rif about how designers are responsible for all the disposable crap we make and throw away, polluting the planet–and he does it in a very amusing way.

Then Ben goes on to show how designers can also reduce all that crap if given a chance by their corporate clients. There’s one little rif on airplane flight patterns–if they can be redesigned, something like a fuel efficiency gain of 12% is possible. 12%!

Listen to what Ben says about redesigning airports:

“So I spoke to some air traffic controllers. They said that whilst that would work, you can’t just go around redesigning flight paths. There are all sort of restrictions. For example you can’t fly over Buckingham Palace.

But listen to their other ideas for making flight paths shorter, this is the exact words,

“Better airport signage = better retrieval of baggage = better turn around time for aircraft loading and unloading = more gates available through operating hours = more aircraft can be landed in a given time period = less aircraft time in the air waiting to land = less fuel wastage from circling aircraft.”

“Even better carry on luggage storage may mean less time loading/unloading = more gates available for a new plane to land at = less time in the air waiting to land. Maybe it’s not better storage but better carry on luggage.”

“Maybe it’s better exits in an aircraft – could the side of the aircraft just roll up?”

“Maybe the aircraft could be a “canister” carrier, unload the canister, pickup a new one and away you go.”

Let’s look at what they said there: Better airport signage. Better luggage storage. Better carry on luggage. Better exits. Just better aircraft. Aren’t these all design problems? Are you starting to see what I mean?”

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