Brand Engagement Study – TV and Online top the study

The IAB’s (Internet Advertising Bureau) latest brand engagement study has shown online provides a much more trusting platform than any other media.

The greatest impact on brand engagement came from TV ads, while online ads and associated websites combined had the second biggest infl uence.

The study identified the relative strengths of diff erent media in relation to their brand engagement effectiveness. For example TV helps promote a product’s image as a good quality brand, while online is better at building trust and highlighting an entire product range.

Internet marketing is 2.4 times more eff ective than its share of spend suggests. The average online spend of the brands was 4.8% of total spend – online delivered 2.4 times the return on investment – suggesting that brands should be investing nearer 12% online if they want to capitalise on a higher brand engagement index.

The ‘engagement’ eff ect – consumers are more trusting of online advertising than other media, which in turn increases their engagement with a brand. The potential interactivity of online creates an environment where consumers feel more in control and highlights the value of bespoke and sponsorship commercial opportunities.

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