Video – 03/10/07

Streaming Video Becoming a Habit At All Age, Inc., in their Bi-Annual Online VideoStudy, comparing the first half of 2007 with the last half of 2006, reports that 62 percent of survey respondents are viewing video online and are comprised mostly of those ages 35 and older viewing news clips. Analyzed by age group, 31 percent of 18 to 34 year olds watch streaming video, while 69 percent of consumers ages 35 and older view streaming video online.Approximately 83 percent of consumers surveyed indicat­ed that their online video usage in 2007 has either stayed the same or increased since 2006. More specifically, 36 percent of consumers have increased their consumption of online video, with an even breakdown between men (36 percent) and women (37 percent).The majority of consumers are streaming online video at home rather than work or school, with 45 percent of streaming activity taking place in the evening. 95% stream at home; 4% at work; 1% at school or university.More than 62 percent of consumers said they are most likely to stream news clips, with movie trailers and music videos next in line. Compared to the second half of 2006, consumers are streaming fewer music videos and streaming more news clips, user-gen­erated videos and sports clips. However, these consumption behaviors vary dramatically by age.

Streaming Selections (% of respondents)
  All 18-34 year olds
  1st Half ‘07 2 nd Half ‘06 1st Half ‘07 2nd Half ‘06
News clips 62% 49% 44% 34%
Movie trailers 38 33 40 35
Music videos 36 47 54 65
TV shows 33 26 51 33
User generated videos 29 21 42 26
Movies 25 20 32 19
Sports clips 21 11 14 10
Other 8 9    
Source:, September 2007

Overall, 42 percent of consumers have forwarded a vid­eo clip to a friend. Consumers who view content more than once a week also forward more clips, with 55 percent forward­ing clips vs. 34 percent and 20 percent for those who view content once a week and once a month. Women (47 percent) forward more clips than men (36 percent).

Online Video Activity by Age Group (% of respondents)
  18-34 Age Group 35 + Age Group
  1st Half ‘07 2nd Half ‘06 1st Half ‘07 2nd Half ‘06
Forwarded video clip to friend 47% 49% 39% 31%
Created video content to post online 15 16 2 2
Missed a TV episode and watched online 63 57 46 42
Says Online video usage cuts into normal TV time 27 20 20 17
Source:, September 2007

Other highlights of the study include:

  • 80% of consumers say that online video usage does not cut into their TV time.
  • 29% of men say online video usage cuts into TV
  • 16% of women say online video usage cuts into TV
  • 12% of those who view content once a month claim that video usage cuts into their TV time
  • 94% of consumers indi­cate that they would prefer to view ads than pay a fee to watch video content online.
  • 63% of consumers would prefer online vid­eo ads that are shorter than TV ads
  • 65% of consumers say they watch online video ads through to completion
  • 72% of consumers who view streaming content more than once a week view video ads through to completion
  • Of those who view content only once a month, 49% view advertising through to completion.
  • Consumers are 8% more likely to view 15-second spots to completion than 30-second spots.
  • The 30-second pre-roll format slightly outperforms the 5- and 15-second ads when measured in terms of click-through rate.

In conclusion, the report summarizes by noting that consumers continue to incorporate streaming video into the online experience, but there remains a difference, however, among older and younger consumers.Older consumers using streaming video in order to gain more information, which can be seen by their preference for online news clips, while younger consumers are streaming content for entertainment purposes, such as viewing movies, TV shows and user-generated videos online.Consumers between the ages of 18 and 34, says the report, continue to assimilate streaming content more into their everyday media consumption habits. Sixty-nine percent of their online video streaming occurs more than once a week, while 47 percent of those ages 35 and older view streaming video multiple times a week 

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